Calagran Quarantine KennelsQuarantine Kennels based in Chesterfield

Established since 1988, CALAGRAN QUARANTINE KENNELS is one of the most modern and up-to-date Kennels in the country, architecturally designed to all the latest DEFRA regulations and offering first-class, comfortable accommodation for all pets. Both dog and cat kennels greatly exceed AHVLA size specifications (some by up to five times).

Our spacious dog kennels give a panoramic view, and the wire of the runs goes down to the ground, allowing even the smallest dog to see out in all directions. They can thus “play” with each other without coming into contact, helping to alleviate boredom and enabling them to settle down more easily. They also all have radios and piped music into the sleeping area for company and comfort.

Our cats have outdoor, covered, south-facing runs (10ft x 5ft” minimum), with ‘balconies’ to sit on. Again, the wire reaches the ground so that they can watch the world go by whilst in the sun and fresh air (essential requirements for their health). Their spacious sleeping quarters (5ft” x 5ft” minimum) have permanently heated beds to ensure warmth and comfort.

The period of quarantine varies depending on circumstances, but can be up to a maximum of 4 months.

If you are able to benefit from “early release” under the Pets Passport scheme we can arrange this for you. Varying from immediate release to the full four month period depending on the date of the blood test. More details available on request.

Come and see us

Come and see the facilities we offer.

We are open to the public between 9.00am  and 4.00pm, although, please call us to make an appointment if you require another time.

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Calagran Four Paws Hotel
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