Quarantine Services


All pets are provided with bedding to sleep on for comfort. However, since they often prefer their own rugs etc. If you can send them along with your pet they would appreciate it. Usually these won’t last a full stay, however they do help in the all-important settling-in period. Calagran Kennels cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to these items.


Pets are fed on a balanced diet of various meats and protein biscuits to suit individual requirements. Pets on special diets may continue on them, but where extra feeding is required or special high cost diet is required an extra charge will be made.
We will always find a food that will satisfy your pet.

Kennel Sharing

Up to three animals belonging to the same owner and coming into quarantine at the same time may, at the discretion of the AHVLA, be allowed to share a kennel or cattery compartment if prior permission has been given in writing. In this case, the owner is entitled to a reduction.
Dogs and cats are NOT permitted to be kennelled together.


If individual heating is required for your dog an infra-red lamp over the bed can be supplied for which there will be a small extra charge. Cats have heated pads provided automatically in their beds for a small fee as well.

Veterinary Care Care & Treatment

On arrival into quarantine, all animals will be examined and must be vaccinated against Rabies if required. If their annual vaccinations are up to date, these will not be given unless requested by you. This does not apply if entering under the Pets Passport early release scheme.

In addition, all animals will have a worming course and parasitic treatment if necessary.

Our vet is Ian Taylor, MA, Vet MB, MRCVS & Associates, 161-163 St John’s Road, Newbold, Chesterfield, Derbys. Telephone 01246 455333

He visits several times per week: you do not pay for his visits, but if your pet requires major treatment this will be charged. Experience shows that most animals pass through quarantine with very few problems: consequently we feel able to say that if any minor problems occur, they will be treated without charge. Obviously treatment for existing chronic problems (for example, diabetes), must be charged.

Care & Attention

All animals are brushed, combed and kept clean by our regular staff. However, a professional groomer is available if required: eg. for long-coated breeds. This will be charged as an extra.

Booking & Carrying Procedure

Calagran Quarantine Kennels are approved by the DEFRA as carrying agents.
This enables us to collect your pet from any authorised port of arrival as soon they clear Customs. A van journey from London is usually better for your pet than waiting for a flight to Manchester. Prices can be quoted at the time of booking.
Once you have decided that you are happy to entrust your pet to our care, and confirmed with us that there is space available, please either fill in the booking form and send it to us, or, if you prefer, call us and we will do it all for you.

When you have received the Import Licence, please check with us before committing yourself to a shipping date to make sure that we can collect your pet on arrival. You should also clarify with your vet if there are any local export regulations applicable from your country. Travelling crates must be nose and paw proof, strongly constructed with plenty of ventilation and extremely secure. Crates will be stored for one month after which time they will be disposed of unless specific instructions have been received.

European Collection and Deliveries

Sometimes it may be better, and far less stressful to you and your pets, for us to collect from your home in Europe and bring them directly back here.

Usually about 800-900 miles from a channel port is the limit, though we will go further if asked. We also deliver pets to Europe.

Payment and Insurance

The first month’s boarding fee and any airport fees are required as a deposit. Depending on availability of space, the whole or part of this sum may be withheld if a reservation is cancelled within one month of arrival. Thereafter, bills will be sent monthly in advance. In the case of a stay under one month full payment will be invoiced soon after arrival. Insurance cover for your pet during quarantine is available. Please ask us for details.


Calagran Quarantine Kennels is open for general visiting on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11am to 3pm

Prior notice must be given of proposed visits outside these times as visitors cause barking and we must think of our neighbour!

There is no substitute for visiting and looking, so we always recommend owners visit various kennels before placing their pets. If you have any relatives or friends in our area who could come and look us over first, we’d be delighted to show them our excellent facilities; we know they’ll be impressed.